Sorry not Sorry

I read an article recently about how women tend to apologize for an inordinate amount of things; even when events are out of their control. So I decided to take notice and note of the things I apologized for, for a few days:


  • not standing in the rain without an umbrella
  • limping
  • having to go to the bathroom
  • my daughter’s ADHD
  • someone hitting my grocery cart with theirs
  • not shaving my armpits
  • being half an hour early for an appointment
  • a power outage
  • having stuff in the trunk of my car
  • having to borrow money
  • my friend’s daughter being out of town

So… why do women do this? Not all, but most of the women I know apologize for simple everyday things on the daily. Why is it your fault if someone steps on your foot? Or when you don’t respond to a text immediately? Or when your kid flips out at Target for no reason? Wait… maybe an apology is in order for that one.