What has helped

Resources on BPD and other mental health issues.

The Journal of Best Practices Along with my own BPD, my husband has Asperger’s. I know, we’re a lot of fun, right? This book was tremendously helpful in helping me to understand him and why he does what he does. It’s funny and insightful and awesome for anyone who finds themselves in the unique situation of loving someone who is different.






2013-03-21 16.42.52 These are bracelets made by Pura Vida. They are handmade by people in Costa Rica and for every bracelet purchased, Pura Vida donates 1% of the sale to the Surfrider foundation. Also, when you buy a “cause” bracelet, $1 goes to the charity supporting that cause. Here’s why they are important to me: See the green one? Bipolar Awareness. It means a lot that a company bothered to sell a bracelet with such a stigma attached to it. Not a lot of people know what it means, but to me, it means everything. My husband and I wear ours to show our support for myself, and others afflicted with BPD.

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