I’ll preface this post by saying that I am not saying anything disparaging against princesses, glitter, pink, stereotypically “girly things,” or the girls that love them. However:

My daughter is a Coraline in a sea of Elsas.

If you’ve never seen it, Coraline is a dark “children’s” movie based on a book about a little girl who finds a passage to another world where she can be happy. But she soon realizes that happiness comes at a price too steep for her to pay, and she has to fight her way out and back to her family. We hesitated in letting Sophie see this movie because even we were a little creeped out by the button-eyed antagonist. See for yourself:


Told you.

But, of course, just like her mother, she jumped right on the bandwagon and fell in love. She decided MONTHS ago that she would be Coraline for Halloween and we spent hours scouring thrift stores for the aspects of her costume and braving the glue gun to achieve the perfectly crafted dragonfly barrette. Because, again, just like her mother, she is a sucker for accuracy. She didn’t mind a bit having to explain her costume over and over again to every baffled parent. She thought it was “awesome” that she was someone no one had heard of. My weird little heart swelled with pride when she slipped on those yellow rain boots and said, “Yep, I look just like her, Mama! This is the BEST!” I hope she never, ever grows out of this. 


That’s her on the left and her buddy Zombie Alice.

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