By Radhika Sanghani


So, after my latest book choices, I realized that I’ve been reading a lot of heavy, intense stuff lately. So, I went to the library with the intention of finding something light hearted and hilarious to mellow out my bedside table. I picked this one based solely on the review blurbs on the back, one of which read: “Laugh out loud funny!” I took it home, and, similarly to an actual virgin, I nervously anticipated the evening when I could finally lie down and get started.


The book did actually make me “laugh out loud” in some parts; especially those very real moments in which the main character laments the world’s obession with perfectly groomed pubic hair. However, most of the book seemed like narrator navel gazing, and it quickly lost its appeal. There were some great self realization “growth” moments for the protagonist, during which I mentally hurrahed her success, but it just wasn’t enough to keep me piqued. The story is precisely what it sounds like. The tale of a horrified 21 year old virgin, living in Camden, who is desperately trying to rid herself of her “horrifying” status. She has several misadventures involving her friends, wax, wine and chocolate. Overall, not really impressed.


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