Lucky Girl

A couple of weeks ago, one of my husband’s coworkers, upon seeing our darling cleaning woman’s van at our house, said, “Wow, you have a cleaning lady AND your wife doesn’t work? Damn. Wish I was married to you.”

After the two hours I spent in a red eyed fury, I chuckled a bit. Yes, it IS a delight to be married to a man on the autism spectrum while raising a child who, at least in the government’s eyes, counts as “special needs.” So yes, I do have a cleaning person come in two times a month to do the baseboards and the bathrooms. See my post about being not sorry, here, if you need a refresher on how to not care. I decided again that lists speak volumes, and so I wrote down some of the more enviable things I’ve done throughout the last couple days. Enjoy:

  • transported a cup of pee from my house to the doctor’s office. And had to wait in the doctor’s office for quite some time, so I became “the pee lady.”
  • cleaned up poop-human and cat
  • ironed shirts. Not so bad, and maybe it’s just me, but iron=burns
  • scrubbed the inside of the oven. Don’t worry, there was no Sylvia Plath leanings here, it was genuinely dirty.
  • made turkey burgers with my hands. This one is really fun. Raw meat, egg, spices and patty forming. Delish. Oh, do I want some dinner? Absolutely not.
  • Paid bills for the 10 ultrasounds in two months our daughter has had to have on her dysfunctional organs.
  • Cleaned up pee-human and cat.
  • Scrubbed armpit stains.

I truly am living the life.

Bitterness aside, it’s easy to say flippant things and not worry about their lasting impact. I’ve been guilty of it too. We all make snap decisions about people we really don’t know, and with little to no basis. But at the end of the day, I can finish off with a clean, mostly feces free house and indulge in a little joint coloring session with this girl. And that’s amazing.

2014-09-08 17.59.27

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