Ever since I was a little thing, just learning to read, the world of libraries and books absolutely fascinated me. Not only was it thrilling to find people who were like me within the pages of a good book, it also gave me a view of the world that I was too shy to seek out for myself. Many people think I was an outspoken and lively kid. In reality, I was so terrified of people rejecting me and deserting me, I made myself weird on purpose. Of course, weird attracts weird and I had some great, weird, friends. 

Now, as an adult, I read almost constantly. I find it helps when I can escape somewhere other than my own head. I’ve decided to write mini reviews on this site as I finish books. Sometimes they will pertain to mental health, and sometimes they won’t. So, to get started: 


Iscariot – A Novel of Judas 

By Tosca Lee

I have been a fan of Tosca Lee’s since her debut novel, Demonwas released. Her writing pulls you, sometimes unwillingly, into the heads of her characters. In this book, she takes one of the most hated men in history; a man who is almost synonymous with betrayal and cowardice, and proves how his story could have just as easily been ours. He didn’t burst out of his mother with an evil infantile gleam in his eye. He was a baby, then a boy, then a man. He was lost and sometimes narcissistic, he hurt and was hurt by others. In other words, he was really no different than anyone else. This story gave flesh to a figure who was barely skeletal in my world. Even though this was a well researched fictionalization, it still reminded me that the story we seem to “know” may not be the real story at all. 

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