Pete and Repeat

Anyone who is a parent or has even been around small children for any length of time knows they can sometimes be annoying. I love my daughter, but, it’s true. She can really annoy the hell out of me. One of the things kids do that irritates most of the population is ask the same thing over and over again. “Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom…” until the response they want to hear is given. Or: “Can I have a piece of candy?” No. “Can I have a piece if I clean my room?” No. “Can I have some candy if I tell you I love you?” No. On and on it goes. A lot of people can absorb these annoyances, have a glass of wine and be all right. For me, however, it’s a trigger. 

The endless stream of the same and similar questions; the random noise she just discovered she can make and, therefore, keeps making; the same tv show, over and over again. I can’t handle it. And it doesn’t just have to come from kids. There’s a bird in my yard who won’t shut up. My brother in law has a penchant for drumming on everything with anything. 

I don’t have it in me to walk away or ask someone to stop. I need the noise to stop, or I will put a fist through a wall. I’m not being sensitive or high maintenance, I just know that if I hear that noise one more time, a switch will be flipped that will take hours or days to be fixed. I’ve seen shirts for kids to wear that say things such as “I’m allergic to peanuts!” And “Please be nice, I’m autistic!” I need one that says: “Please be quiet or I’ll break something!”


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