Tired but Wired

Tired but Wired is a term I come across often when researching my disorder. What does it mean? I’ve experienced this countless times, but only just recently discovered there is a name for this more than slightly annoying problem. I’ve been in bed, trying so hard to get to sleep, but my brain is saying, “Oh HELL no, you have WORK to do!” So, I get up and begin to attack some random project at a well adjusted time of oh, say, two in the morning. 

Most recently, I decided that I needed to immediately do five loads of laundry before I gave myself permission to sleep. And while the laundry was going, I sewed a skirt for my daughter. I might have also cleaned my craft room, but, to be honest, when I get this way, I don’t remember a whole hell of a lot. 

If you’ve ever had just a bit too much caffeine too early in the morning, then you probably know what it feels like. Or pulled an all nighter and then topped it off with a Red Bull to keep you going. That jittery, intense feeling; when your eyes are so exhausted they burn, but if you close them, your heart races and you sweat, thinking of the time you’re “wasting.” 

When I get tired but wired, I notice that my movements are jerky and almost uncontrollable. It’s a little like an out of body experience. Normal me is hovering nearby, trying to break into my brain to tell me to chill the heck out, and tired but wired me is fighting with an incomprehensible desire to just. stay. awake. 

Ever happened to you? 

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